Product Detail
1/3 BJD Girl,Flower god,Gladys【In-stock】
Release Time: 2020 Code: GEM3-D016
Doll Size: 1/3丨58-62cm Product nature: Customized
Making time: 3-4 month Recommended age: Over 8 years old

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random Color)
*Birth and membership card

Fullset Price Includes:
*Basic set

- Eyes : 14mm
- Height: 58cm
- Head Circumference: 21cm
- Neck Circumference: 8.5cm
- Shoulder Width: 11cm
- Arm Length: 16.8cm
- Arm Circumference: 6.5cm
- Chest: 23cm
- Waist: 17cm
- Hips: 25.5cm
- Thigh Circumference: 14.2cm
- Leg Length: 29.5cm
- Foot Length: 7cm
- Foot Width: 2.5cm

Story Background:

The forest of the eastern foothills

Music feasting for splendid chapters

When the wind brings a message from the lark,

Gladys who stayed at the window knew it.

That was an invitation from Brock.

Every thirteen full moon,

In the depths of the East Lu Forest Sea, there will be elves wandering,

And the singing of birds,

The stream of joy intertwined with the sound of cicadas one after another,

Through the deep fog,

As the moon melted and enveloped the entire forest.

Gladys is holding a carefully made waterside delicate flower,

Deep in the quiet forest with gurgling streams,

Under the densely hanging old tree vines,

She saw the singing girl surrounded by star-spotted fireflies.

"Sorry, Brock, I'm late.

Will you still be the lead singer tonight?"

"Hush, please wait a moment.

Bullock blinked,

Looking at the valley behind her.

"Look, another guest has arrived."