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Capricorn 1/4 bjd Shipher GEM 7th Anniversary
Capricorn 1/4 bjd Shipher GEM 7th Anniversary
Skin Color:
Release Time: 2020

GEM of Doll 7th anniversary 1/4 bjd Capricorn and event are coming.Think all you are will love them.
Sep 28th to Oct 30th
1. All dolls cut 15% off,and parts cut 10% off;
2. If your order is over 600/900usd ,you can get a Doomy nude baby/with face up as a gift
3. Capricorn doll full set limited to 70 sets,nude doll limited 70 sets;Capricorn doll will be released in the Oct 15th ,If you order her before Oct 15th,you can get a pairs of human feet;

Capricorn no discount

Nude doll limited(horns included):30 sets

fullset doll limited:30 sets

Outfit limited : 30 sets

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random Color)
*Birth and membership card

Eyes : 14mm
Height: 44cm
Head Circumference: 18.5cm
Neck Circumference: 7.2cm
Shoulder Width: 8.8cm
Arm Length: 13.5cm
Arm Circumference: 6cm
Chest: 18.5cm
Waist: 14.7cm
Hips: 19.3cm
Thigh Circumference: 11.5cm
Leg Length: 22cm
Foot Length: 5.5cm
Foot Width: 2.3cm

On December 22nd of the first year of the Western Epoch, on the banks of the Nile.

When the dazzling light curtain sinks, the sea is like flowing gold, and the turbulent blue waves decorate her skirt corners. The phantom of the stars stays at her feet, and the light connects into a staircase. The goddess Capricorn who walks into the world will take it away The gospel of beauty...


摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃1867.jpg摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃1556.jpg摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃188.jpg摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃177.jpg摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃167.jpg摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃134.jpg摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃15.jpg摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃111.jpg0K8A摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃11668.jpg摩羯座 GEM贵族娃娃14.jpg