Product Detail
1/3 bjd,Goddess of the earth,GAIA
Skin Color:
Release Time: 2020 Code: GEM3-D007
Doll Size: 1/3丨58-62cm Product nature: Customized
Making time: 4-5 month Recommended age: Over 8 years old

making time: 4-5 month

nude doll: 400 USD

fullset : 680 USD

Limited quantity:

70 sets in China.

30 sets in other parts of the world

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random Color)
*Birth and membership card

Fullset Price Includes:
*Basic set
*Official eyes
*Face-up (facial texture included)
*Body blush (tattoos & hand and foot nail makeup included)

The skin tone in the pictures is white & tanned (in the last 3 pictures).

- Eyes : 16mm
- Height: 58cm
- Head Circumference: 22cm
- Neck Circumference: 8.5cm
- Shoulder Width: 11cm
- Arm Length: 16.8cm
- Arm Circumference: 6.5cm
- Chest: 23cm
- Waist: 17cm
- Hips: 25.5cm
- Thigh Circumference: 14.2cm
- Leg Length: 29.5cm
- Foot Length: 7cm
- Foot Width: 2.5cm

Story background:

Chaos opens, all things are born, and the goddess of the earth, Gaia Yuyan, is born.
She walked through the valley where flowers were blooming, the blue skirt was covered with stars, the skirt on the ground was transformed into a flying bird, and the floating belts piled up with white waves, and all beings multiplied on the ring of life.
Gaia hid the ancient mystery in the seed of all things, and then fell into a deep sleep. Hundreds of millions of years have passed, the order has been destroyed, and a catastrophe awakens the sleeping goddess. All kinds of things have leaked, the ring of life has burst, and the world has fallen into an unknown crisis …