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Product Detail
1/4 bjd Aurora
Release Time: 2021 Limited Qty: 000
Doll Size: 1/4丨40-47cm Product nature: Customized
Making time: 3-4 month Recommended age: Over 8 years old

Syle A   nude doll: Modeling normal human ears

Syle B   nude doll: Modeling normal human ears+elf ears + horns(Magnet attraction)

Syle A   fullset doll:

Full set of human ears, without tentacles, wizard ears and weapons

Syle A   nude doll:   

Contains human ears and elf ears, including tentacles and weapons

Nude doll +face up   just can be chose human ears style/

Making time :

nude doll: 1 month

nude doll with face up: 1-2 months

fullset : 3-4 months

Style A is limited 50 sets in the world

Style B is limited   30 sets in the world

Big set price: 580 usd

Enjoy 15% discount;

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random Color)
*Birth and membership card

Fullset Includes: Basic-set, face-up, clothes, wig, shoes, headwear, weapons,, birth certificates, membership cards, picture albums, pillows, official boxes

Eyes : 14mm
Height: 44cm
Head Circumference: 18.5cm
Neck Circumference: 7.2cm
Shoulder Width: 8.8cm
Arm Length: 13.5cm
Arm Circumference: 6cm
Chest: 18.5cm
Waist: 14.7cm
Hips: 19.3cm
Thigh Circumference: 11.5cm
Leg Length: 22cm
Foot Length: 5.5cm
Foot Width: 2.3cm