【EVENT】GEM of Doll Aug to Sep EVENT

Issuing time:2020-08-01 17:53


Time from Aug 3rd to Sep 15th

1. Dolls cut 15% of,and parts cut 10% off(limited doll can not enjoy it );

2. If you order one of these fullset doll+body blush, you can get a free same size head as a gift; Ho Chily, Bo zeya, gladys,Brock,Kayla,Hannah.

3. The new Capricorn baby will be officially on sale at the end of August. If you pay a deposit of 50 in advance, you can enjoy the benefit of 50 deducting 100 (limited to the official website)

4. GAIA have the last five chance.2 white,2 tan,and 1 gray fullset.


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