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GEM of Doll new SD dolls goddess of fate and Spring festival

Issuing time:2022-01-24 11:31

Hello dear,
It has been a year since the last SD dolls we released. This time we brought 2 new dolls from the goddess of fate in Norse mythology.
Hope you will like this design. The two dolls are limited to 80 sets each in the world, including 50 sets in China and 30 sets outside China. Looking forward to someone taking them away. At the same time, we have also prepared a very rich Spring Festival event to give back to the customers who have supported the GEM of doll brand for a long time.
Verdandi doll link: 1/3 bjd Goddess of Fate Verdandi, Norse Mythology Series -

Skuld doll link: 1/3 bjd Goddess of Fate Skuld, Norse Mythology Series -
Verdandi outfit: 1/3 bjd doll outfit, Verdandi   The Goddess of Fate in Norse Mythology -

Skuld outfit: 1/3 bjd outfit,Skuld The Goddess of Fate in Norse Mythology -

GEM of Doll Spring festival Event
Date from Jan 24th to Feb 23th,2022
1. dolls cut 15%,order accessories 10%(some limited doll no dicsount);
2. If you order Verdandi or Skuld fullset doll,will be free shipping fees.(USA&Canada need add 40 usd);
3. If you order a doll,you will get the same size head(can be chose) as a gift;
4. If your orders achieve 999usd,you will get a free YOSD nude doll as a gift(need shipping fees);
5. If your orders achieve 2022usd,you will get a free YOSD fullset doll as a gift(need shipping fees);

1. Agents are not allowed to participate in 2,4 and 5 activities;
2. If you want to enjoy event 3,you need contact us for choosing head,Default waiver without selected giveaways;

If you have any question, you can feel free to ask us


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