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About  shipping fees

Issuing time:2021-04-23 17:35

Because the international epidemic is still severe, coupled with the impact of the relationship between the United States, Canada and China, and the situation of Brexit, we have to make the following explanations on the express delivery costs and the required time.Now   ship to   USA、Canada and UK   is slowly,maybe   need 15-40 days

①. 1/8 & 1/6 doll

USA、Canada、Russia、Mexico :    25$

other countries:   20$

②. 1/4 doll

USA、Canada、Russia、Mexico :    50$

other countries:   40$

③. 1/3 doll

USA、Canada、Russia、Mexico :    80$

other countries:   55$

④. 70cm doll

USA、Canada、Russia、Mexico :    100$

other countries:   65$

⑤. outfit and so on   20 usd(small box,if have other parts need big box, will be expensive.

If you are in the USA   and have over 2 or more orders for 1/3 size doll ,we think   Mason Quick Wear will   be   good, two   1/3 dolls just need 100 usd shipping fee.

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