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Delivery end of March

Issuing time:2021-04-13 11:06

Name ,country, tracking number

1. Laura Osteen     USA    EMS: EV965777575CN

2. Natsue Yamaguchi   JaPpan     EMS: LP052205530CN

3. Fancheng Meng    UK     EMS: LZ770606153CN

4. yimin zhao   USA   EMS:   LY710451349CN

5. Marcia Vega   USA   EMS:   LY709114358CN

6. MIYU TERAO   Japan   EMS: LP051792825CN

7. MIYU TERAO   Japan   EMS: LP051792706CN

8. Sergi Gervilla Perals    Spain   EMS:   EV965548569CN

9. SAYAKA TAKAHASHI   Japan EMS: EV965546979CN

10. Karen Nakamura   Japan   EMS: EV965546293CN

11. Natsue Yamaguchi   Japan   EMS: LP051785149CN

12. FUMI SAWASAKI   Japan   EMS: LP051782156CN

13. FUMI SAWASAKI   Japan   EMS: LP051782139CN

14. Sakura Tanaka   Japan   EMS:   EV958430175CN

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USA ,UK, Canada

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