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How to order

1.How to order at GEM of Doll Web Shop
①Enter the official website, choose your favourite product,click “add to cart”, you could choose to “continue shopping” or “Check out”.

②If you choose to “continue shopping”, after you select other products, please click the Cart above the right side and click view the Cart and then enter the ordering page. Please confirme the the products you selected before you click Check out.

③Sign in your account or join in free. If you haven’t register, please fulfill your shipping information carefully, especially pay attention to your name, address, phone number and email address.

④Then complete your Shipping Address, select the Shipping Method and the Payment Method carefully, then click “Place your order”.(If you would like to order by layaway, please read terms 2 below and purchase by email)

⑤After you finished your payment, please do remember your GEM of Doll account or your order number, in case you need a query service for checking the order status.

⑥Please send your Order number to for double confirmation.

⑦After the payment is finished, a business confirmation will be sent to your email.

⑧The products will take 5 to 120 business days, we will arrange the shipping after the order is finished, and we will update the tracking information in the orders page. If you need customer service(for receipt, changing shipping address, changing shipping terms an so on), please email to .

2.Purchase by layaway option.About the Layaway.
The first installment should be 30% of the total amount of your purchase (shipping cost included).

The balance can be divided into the next 4 months, the total payment should be finished within 4 months.

①Please place an order by GEM of Doll Web Shop and do not pay for it, and then you can get your order number and the total payment.

②Email to with your order number, and inform GEM of Doll about your layaway option.

3.Where can you order
purchase via GEM of Doll official dealers.
Official website(Europe,America,Japan,South Korea):
Shopee (Southeast Asia and China Taiwan)

①.USA: Alice collections , BJDivas,Legenddoll
②.Japan: Dolks  , Legenddoll,Amiami
③.Europe: Dolce Luce Dolls,BJD Dreams