Product Detail
1/3 BJD girl, Hallea,Atlantis
Release Time: 2017 Code: GEM3-D0143
Doll Size: 1/3丨58-62cm Product nature: Customized
Making time: 1-2 month Recommended age: Over 8 years old

Basic Price Includes:
*Basic Doll
*Eyes (Random Color)
*Birth and membership card

- Eyes : 14mm
- Height: 58cm
- Head Circumference: 22cm
- Neck Circumference: 8.5cm
- Shoulder Width: 11cm
- Arm Length: 16.8cm
- Arm Circumference: 6.5cm
- Chest: 23cm
- Waist: 17cm
- Hips: 25.5cm
- Thigh Circumference: 14.2cm
- Leg Length: 29.5cm
- Foot Length: 7cm
- Foot Width: 2.5cm

Option 'Special Parts' means the head jewelry.

Story background:

The Strait Buthara Strait is located deep in the Atlantic Ocean,There is such a highly civilized and developed ancient kingdom-Atlantis.

According to legend, the people live here consider themselves the people of the god of the sea, having a strong worship of the sea. However, in an unfortunate day and night, Atlantis disappeared in the huge floods, just sleep on the bottom of the sea... After the flood, the sea was calm. No one knows that the flood just swallowed a country. "The flood is coming!"   Don't know who shouted, and people suddenly began to agitate. "Father and queen, where have you been?" Princess Hallea looked blankly at the coming flood and muttered to herself. "Quick! Everyone, follow me!" Ares took everyone in Atlantis and escaped from that terrible disaster. No one knows where the king and queen went in that disaster, except Ares... Looking at the crying princess, and thinking of the agreement a month ago, there was a trace of firmness in Ares' eyes.