May 7th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in ShangHai.
July 24th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in HongKong.
Nov 17th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in BeiJing.
Phoebe 2

Phoebe 2

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GEM of Doll Pheobe 2 with single jointed girl body.Doll comes with SX801 open hands, other hands are available and can be purchased in the 'Parts' section.

Basic Doll, (nude doll blank or with make-up), includes the following:

- Box with cushion
- Birth Card

GEM of Doll 4th Anniversary Event

Date from Mar 20th to May 15th

Event 1

A. If you order 1/4 or big baby doll,you can get an 1/8 doll as a gift

B. If you order 1/3 doll,you can get an 1/6 doll as a gift

Event 2

A. All dolls cut 25% off

B. All accessories cut 20% off

C. Tsing hua and Fa Lang will be re-released ,and they will enjoy “Event 1” or “Event 2”



  1. “Event 1” and “Event 2” are alternatively;

  2. About Event 1   If you order 1/4(big baby) nude/fullset doll,you can get free 1/8 nude/fullset doll, and i will apply to “B” in the “Event 1”;

  3. 3. About Event 2  Nude doll, nude doll with face-up and fullset will cut 25% off;And if you order clothing,wig,shoes or other parts sepereately, the accessories will cut 20% off


☆☆☆Attention please☆☆☆ ☆☆

Anyone who want to order GEM doll must send en E-mail to sale@gemofdoll.com to write what you want to order.

All dolls ,clothing ,shoes,wigs..and so on can be ordered.


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Regular Price: $145.00

Special Price $127.60

  • Details

    FullSet Doll includes the following:

    - Make-up
    - Eyes
    - Wig
    - Outfit**
    - Birth card
    - Box with cushion

    *Does not include shoes. *Please be aware that any charm/bead/feather accessories on this dolls outfit may vary from what is pictured. When GEM is unable to obtain the same charm/bead/feather they replace it with something similar in style.

    Doll Measurements:

    - Height: 17.5cm
    - Head Circumference: 12.5cm 
    - Eyes: 12mm
    - Neck: 5cm
    - Shoulder Width: 4cm
    - Arm Length: 6.3cm
    - Chest: 10cm
    - Waist: 9.5cm
    - Hip: 11cm                                
    - Leg Length: 7cm
    - Thigh Width: 5.5cm
    - Foot Length: 2.6cm 
    - Foot Width: 1.3cm

    Resin Colors:

    - White Skin
    - Normal Pink Skin
    - Normal Yellow Skin
    - Tan Skin (additional fee)
    - Gray Skin (additional fee)
    - Green Skin (additional fee)

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