May 7th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in ShangHai.
July 24th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in HongKong.
Nov 17th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in BeiJing.
Big Baby ,Moky 2

Big Baby ,Moky 2

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☆☆☆Attention please☆☆☆ ☆☆

Anyone who want to order GEM doll must send en E-mail to sale@gemofdoll.com to write what you want to buy .Anyone who buy GEM doll from us for the first time can be gave a white squirrels as a gift.Thank you for your patience.



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  • Details

    Doll Measurements:

    - Height: 40.5cm
    - Head Circumference: 23cm 
    - Eyes: 16mm
    - Neck: 9cm
    - Shoulder Width:9.3cm
    - Arm Length: 12.2cm
    - Chest: 19.2cm
    - Waist: 17.5cm
    - Hip: 22cm                                
    - Leg Length: 19.5cm
    - Thigh Width: 13.2cm
    - Foot Length: 5.2cm 
    - Foot Width: 2.3cm

    Resin Colors:

    - White Skin
    - Normal Pink Skin
    - Normal Yellow Skin
    - Tan Skin (additional fee 40$)
    - Gray Skin (additional fee 40$)
    - Green Skin (additional fee 40$)

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