May 7th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in ShangHai.
July 24th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in HongKong.
Nov 17th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in BeiJing.


1/6bjd, body(boy & girl)

☆☆☆Attention please☆☆☆ ☆☆Anyone who want to order GEM doll must send en E-mail to sale@gemofdoll.com to write what you want to buy.If you pay through the website,you must pay for extra 5% of all orders.And if you pay through transfer account to paypal 137264621@qq.com ,you will not to be for extra 5%(because the website will Charge 5% fees).Your account must be personal and need to leave the message"friends fees" and your order's details. ☆☆ Anyone who buy GEM doll from us for the first time can be gave a white squirrels as a gift.Thank you for your patience. EVENT:12% off all dolls and parts When you add the doll to card and check out them,you will enjoy 12% off all dolls and all parts,if you have any question aout GEM doll,or want to order the part such as wig ,clothing,shoes....and so on, you can send email to : 644327099@qq.com ,we will answer all your question.

universal payments ,layaway

layaway,shipping fees ,extra fees and any other fees LAYAWAYS: We are very happy to offer our great customers an easy layaway payment plan as a courtesy. However....if you choose to abuse our layaway parameters (consistent late payments, declined credit card payments, ignoring Paypal invoices, cancellations, etc.), we reserve the right to refuse to offer you the option of using our layaway program. LAYAWAY Rules & Regs: We can to do a 3 payment layaway for orders over $150 or a 4 payment layaway for orders over $200. Other options may be possible if you email us with specific requests. The 20% layaway deposit is NON REFUNDABLE - NON TRANSFERABLE, no exceptions. There is also a 15% cancellation fee for all layaways. **If you are more than 15 days late with a layaway payment without prior arrangement with GEM, we will consider the transaction null & void and return the item to stock. You would forfeit any money already paid on the layaway. PAYMENTS: We accept checks or credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express), or Paypal (our ID is: 137264621@qq.com). We will send you an invoice from Paypal when your order is received. Thank you for your patience. If you have any question.Send us an E-mail to sale@gemofdoll.com.

1/4 bjd,Sofiar head

If you have any question about ordering GEM of Doll,you can send e-mail to sale@gemofdoll.com to know more.

1/4 bjd,Sofier head

If you have any question about ordering GEM of Doll,you can send e-mail to sale@gemofdoll.com to know more.