May 7th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in ShangHai.
July 24th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in HongKong.
Nov 17th,2016. GEM took part in the DP in BeiJing.

Adjust color event from GEM(12% off all dolls and free adjustment color)

Adjust color event

Date from Apr 25th to Jun 15th


  1. 12% off all dolls(nude doll,body)

  2. 10% off all parts(make up ,clothing,wig,shoes,and guns)

  3. The follow skin colors are not additonal fees                       ① 1/6  green skin (nude doll and body) ;                                   ② 1/3  green and gray skin  (nude doll and body)

    If you have any question,you can feel free to contact us ,thank you.

    GEM of Doll


    How to order :http://www.gemofdoll.com/en/index.php/contact-us-16.html

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