1/4 girl bjd,Sissy princess.MSD

1/4 girl bjd,Sissy princess.MSD

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  • GEM of Doll 4th Anniversary Event

    Date from Mar 20th to May 15th

    Event 1

    A. If you order 1/4 or big baby doll,you can get an 1/8 doll as a gift

    B. If you order 1/3 doll,you can get an 1/6 doll as a gift

    Event 2

    A. All dolls cut 25% off

    B. All accessories cut 20% off

    C. Tsing hua and Fa Lang will be re-released ,and they will enjoy “Event 1” or “Event 2”



    1. “Event 1” and “Event 2” are alternatively;

    2. About Event 1   If you order 1/4(big baby) nude/fullset doll,you can get free 1/8 nude/fullset doll, and i will apply to “B” in the “Event 1”;

    3. 3. About Event 2  Nude doll, nude doll with face-up and fullset will cut 25% off;And if you order clothing,wig,shoes or other parts sepereately, the accessories will cut 20% off


    ☆☆☆Attention please☆☆☆ ☆☆

    Anyone who want to order GEM doll must send en E-mail to sale@gemofdoll.com to write what you want to order.

    All dolls ,clothing ,shoes,wigs..and so on can be ordered.